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Bear Grylls Paracord Knife Review – Cool thing

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Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

A clip point edge will get the spine side within the edge “clipped” off to make a tip that’s sharper and even more appropriate for piercing than most drop point rotor rotor rotor blades, that is strong but nevertheless perfect for tasks that need more cutting precision and precision.

Understand the one of the Bear Grylls Paracord knife clip point along with the Bear Grylls Folding sheath knife’s drop point?

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

The benefit in the knife came very sharp and you’ll be able to edit while using the Bear Grylls area knife knife knife sharpener.

Including the advantage along with the parpacord handle there’s available a finger cutout which supports a hands from sliding for the edge – the therapy lamp can also be call the choil within the knife.

Across the edge spine toward handle we’ve got a little of notches which are called Jimping. Jimping enhances review your grip in the thumb on the top within the knife.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife Jimping

The thickness in the edge is about .17 inches or 4.3 mm that’s thicker compared to cope with Grylls Folding sheath knife edge at .16 inches together with just a little thinner compared to cope with Grylls Ultimate Survival knife at .19 inches wide.

Creating this a substantial substantial knife for it’s size.

The Bear Grylls Paracord knife is comparable to the Bear Grylls compact fixed edge knife… while using the large versions may be the fine versus. partly serrated edge along with the paracord handle… see?

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

Let’s Discuss the Handle…

This handle within the Bear Grylls Paracord knife has 5 holes and two large cutouts that allow the main task of wrapping about 4 feet of paracord through and around individuals to in the handle within the knife.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

But you will find surprises here.

Take a look out…

Should you eliminate the paracord it’s pretty apparent 5 holes during this handle were also placed to make certain this knife might be easily lashed having a branch or pole to make a spear… such as the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife along with the Gerber LMF II…

SO that’s a couple of a few things i did.

We used the knife to lessen somewhat tree. I removed the paracord.

Then used the holes and cutouts to lash the whole entire paracord to secure this knife to my pole.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

The knife lashes simpler to some pole that’s a bit more compact across compared to width within the handle.

Okay, so. if you’ve been new methods to wrap the paracord around a stick which knife to make a spear…. however suggest weaving the paracord while using cutouts, while using holes and back while using cutouts then tying the paracord off inside the butt end… like this…

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

The lengh the stock paracord is a perfect for obtaining the knife onto my pole… and might be completely multiple-use because the knife handle as extended when you don’t work whenever using it for other hobbies.

Changing the Paracord

Now, it is also simple to switch the stock paracord with whatever color and length you need.

I like my knives to get little less conspicuous, well, i changed the paracord with traditional OD Eco-friendly I suppose this allows the kitty within the bag across the vintage of my Marine Corps days.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

Alright… so, I acquired two extra systems over the handle by pulling my mill spec paracord really tight once i wove it throughout my knife. I Then exercised 6 inches more cord in the receiving finish-finish and tied rid of it to make a nice laynard.

So ultimately, I really could obtain a full 5 foot of paracord within my knife.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

Any factor regarding the handle. Because the metal is uncovered across the butt finish this knife, technology-not only as being a pommel to eliminate and smash things.

The Sheath

bear-grylls-paracord-survival-knife-6Possibly the very best edge so far within the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series line, may be the first 2013 release – Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Edge knife. Let’s observe good it truly is…

This edge can be a solid bit of top quality, grey covered, stainless from tip to butt.

The Paracord knife includes this versatile, kydex-like sheath about 45 inches of orange paracord for the handle, along with the Bear Grylls Sights of Survival Pocket Guide.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

The knife measures nearly 7 3/4 inches or almost 20 centimetres from tip to butt. The benefit length is 3 1/4 inches or 8.3 centimetres.

The knife weights 3.5 oz . with no sheath or 5.75 oz . while using the sheath.

The knife is full tang construction, and so the edge steel runs that full entire knife while using handle… too just like the issue, the benefit steel may be the handle… that’s given grip, texture and even more substance using this quality vibrant orange paracord.

The Advantage

The Bear Grylls Paracord knife includes a fine edge… therefore we do not have any serrations relevant for this baby… along with the edge terminates by using this clip point.

Now let’s discuss the sheath.

Gerber walked up here and incredibly enhanced across the previous sheath that incorporated the Compact Fixed Edge knife… that was dimensionally more compact sized compared to paracord knife sheath… but fought against to help keep the knife within the sheath in upside lower carry.

The compact fixed edge belt clip rocks ! because it is reversible for upside lower carry, but includes a problem of once in awhile coming loose when upside down… that could cause you to lose your knife… that is a bummer.

However, Gerber completely refurbished the sheath within the Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord knife so these problems ignore exist.

Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife

The Paracord knife sheath is made in the items appears to get very tough polymer bottom and top, which are fused together, along with the whole sheath is elevated with your 6 steel grommets which are smartly placed at major stress points over the sheath…

The Bear Grylls Paracord knife retreats into the sheath just one way and locks firmly towards the sheath.

Now here’s the awesome part.

The very best 4 grommets are smartly situated which polymer belt loop within the rear are easy to remove and repositioned using two hex bolts for: side draw, regular, upside lower Too for either right or left hands carry.

Now here’s another factor that’s pretty cool…

If you’d prefer to don’t have the Bear Grylls logo design design design showing whenever you apply to the Paracord knife… you may also attach the belt carry loop for that front side within the sheath, to make certain the Bear Grylls logo design design design been trained in belt carry loop and facing in.
Our Rating

We rate the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Edge Knife at 5 from 5 stars for it’s well considered design from tip to butt.

The sturdiness within the steel, how easy it’s to hone and exactly how well it requires proper care of a edge. We like to the entire tang construction along with the well considered positioning within the handle cut-outs for the paracord along with the added flexibility of having the chance to merely and firmly lash this knife having a pole to make a spear.

Although we thought the sheath was a little of overkill at first… we presently appreciate it’s ability to securely support the knife and moved frequently.

The truth is, I in addition like will have a way to pay for within the Bear Grylls logo design design design which i have be thankful when Gerber includes a method for your Survival Self-self-help guide to be moved along. Along with the online street cost of under $29 really sealed the purchase round the rating.

Okay, who is niagra Knife for?

The Bear Grylls Paracord knife is wonderful for camping, hunting – small , large game, hiking, biking, nearly any outdoors activity… it’s an excellent secondary knife for bushcraft, an insect out bag or emergency package, when the Bear Grylls logo design design design is incorporated along with the orange paracord is changed, it’s a substantial off traffic all day long lengthy extended belt carry knife.

Should you prefer a comparable fixed edge knife obtaining a good handle, take a look within my review of the Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Edge Knife.

If you prefer a likewise sized folding knife take a look within my reviews within the Bear Grylls folding sheath or Bear Grylls Scout knife.

However, if you may need a tough, lightweight and versatile compact fixed edge knife you can depend onto pull-up rapidly or everyday use… or else you are searching for an excellent gift plus a cost near to $29 sounds easier to you… The Bear Grylls Paracord knife is definitely an very sweet edge to consider…

So… we’ve just examined the Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Edge knife.

For your leisure I’ve incorporated links to all or any the tools that I’ve mentioned, in throughout this review.

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Now switch the stock orange paracord while using the paracord colour of your selecting along with a great, versatile paracord knife package which has the appearance you’ll need for your gear.

Oh, any factor by using this knife and sheath package… So whether intentional otherwise, the Bear Grylls pocket survival guide fits snug and perfectly including the belt loop setup along with the  sheath… see?

To actually can carry the pocket guide with you for individuals who’ve this knife strapped on.

For further security… make certain that you just attach the belt loop to make certain the bolts are underneath the pocket guide, that will further stay away from the guide from diminishing.

Now Let’s Discuss Owner Comments…

Owner content is very positive sighting the surprising quality, good edge holding qualities along with the excellent kind of the Bear Grylls Paracord knife and sheath. Some mention how crazy they thought the sheath initially was hold on, how everything made sense once they showed up at when using the knife.

Others mentioned how rapidly the colorful orange paracord could possibly get soiled… However, many appear to agree this is frequently a knife worth getting.

This is often David… I’m wishing that may help you alternatively side… and remember… Be Prepared… Since You Never Know…

The Buck Hoodlum: Ultimate Knife for Survival Craft

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The Most Effective Steel for the task

Buck Hoodlum

The extra weight of bigger survival knives will make them hard to hold and make use of for longer periods.  Buck appears to possess overcome weight and edge strength issues by using 5160 Carbon Steel and pedaling the benefit to get rid of unnecessary steel.

The Hoodlum is made from 5160 carbon steel that was initially produced for use within programs like vehicle leaf springs,  it is therefore excellent making to flex requiring to interrupt when under extreme stress. Because of this, the Hoodlum don’t need to be as wide or thick just as much other bigger survival rotor rotor rotor blades to retain its toughness.

5160 carbon steel, when in comparison to popular 1095 carbon steel, is usually tougher… although 1095 steel will most likely hold a little from the greater edge.  So using 5160 carbon steel within the Buck Hoodlum has saved the responsibility lower and appears to possess elevated its effectiveness.

Buck Hoodlum

Buck Hoodlum

The Buck Hoodlum (with 5160 carbon steel) weighs in at in at in at in at 14.5 oz . or 411 grams in comparison for that Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 (that’s created from 1095 steel at 14.8 oz . or 419 grams or possibly the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife SCHF9  (also consists of 1095 carbon steel) coming inside a large 16.2 oz . or around 458 grams (almost 2 oz . heavier compared to Hoodlum). This comparison places the Buck Hoodlum as being a real lightweight among similar knives.

More Details On the benefit

The Hoodlum steel while using spine remains nearly one fourth inch wide or 6 millimeters… Creating this a beefy edge.

But oddly enough the main bevel within the Hoodlum begins inside the edge spine, rather than about 1/three in the width within the edge inside the spine much like knives.

This reduces weight in the edge that’s good.

Don’t get me wrong… weight includes its benefits, specifically when dicing. Nonetheless the rate of my swing obtaining a Hoodlum appears near to atone for any weight among another bigger rotor rotor rotor blades.

Buck Hoodlum

Oh and before I forget… the Hoodlum is full tang, meaning the benefit steel can be a solid piece from tip to butt. Full tang is called by lots of experts since the best way to make a knife.

Buck Hoodlum

Another Factor Regarding The Steel Present in This Knife…

Buck Hoodlum

Like 1095 carbon steel, 5160 steel isn’t stainless, to ensure that it’ll rust otherwise looked after.  So be diligent to wipe lower and clean off your knife regularly and make certain to employ a skinny coat of mineral oil for that edge edge and you’ll be just fine… because the relaxation within the edge is incorporated in what appears to get pretty durable powder coating.

The Hoodlum ONLY will be one hundredPercent fine edged edge along with its little brother, the Hood Punk… meaning no serrations… Yeah, I do not see lots of tears out there…

Buck Hoodlum

Shaving Sharp

My Hoodlum and Hood Punk both came shaving sharp and have ongoing to become sharp through my use in the last a couple of days.

The Hoodlum has what appears to get very extended, straight clip point edge. Meaning the knife spine was clipped removed from about 4 inches inside the point, about where this notch is.

Buck Hoodlum

A simple clip point such as this will likely be pretty strong (much like a drop point edge)… but produces an very sharper tip that’s suitable for piercing, entering small places and undertaking tasks like skinning game.

The Notch

Buck Hoodlum

Looking for a thrilling-in-one, go-to knife that may satisfy any survival or utility need? Your quest is finished! Let’s search in and checkout the Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife…

Ron Hood


The Buck Hoodlum was created for Buck Knives by backwoods survival legend, the late Ron Hood.

It’s a really large, U.S. made knife having a 10-inch or 25 centimeter extended, fine edge edge, that’s about two occasions how large an average backwoods survival knife… and they are available in a really appropriate nylon material material material sheath.

Buck Hoodlum

Bigger survival knives such as the Hoodlum may be perfect for dicing, clearing, batoning, bushcraft and self-protection but they are frequently very heavy because of how large the knife along with the extra thickness useful in helping bare this type of extended edge from bending or breaking under stress.

Buck Hoodlum

Across the spine within the edge there’s a notch groove will achieve bone and wood, bend wire and take cooking gear obtaining a handle, within the camping fire.

Honestly, I haven’t had any use with this particular yet. However, I have not needed to apply it as my exclusive survival tool either. By this point… I’ll depend on Ron Hood’s understanding in including this selection.

Toward the handle across the edge side there’s furthermore an ample choil which supports in maintenance the whole edge and will be offering a appropriate spot to wrap a finger to obtain more charge of the Hoodlum for fine cutting tasks… you need to be careful.

Buck Hoodlum

Across the spine side within the edge there is a bump that can help provide more leverage while using the choil and a few jimping which provides a little more thumb grip.

Now Let’s Discuss the Handle…

Buck Hoodlum

The handle within the Hoodlum is made of Micarta, a tough, durable guy-made, laminate material. The basic principles within my Hoodlum are eco-friendly and they are contoured to complement the ergonomic curves within the handle steel.

That is good that could be pretty substantial handle cutouts inside my fingers, because when dry the Micarta handles certainly are a little clever.

My leather mitts be very convenient and remarkably, when wet, the grain within the Micarta appears to enhance somewhat and makes all the handles a little more grippy when wet than when dry.

Buck Hoodlum

Underneath the Micarta, Buck glued a padding material including the basic principles along with the tang within the knife that Buck calls a SMS or Shock Minimization System.  This might help pad the different in the hands which are in touch with the handles… yet it’s not vulnerable to do much for negligence both of your hands that’s directly in touch with the tang within the knife.

But overall, the handle within the Hoodlum is quite comfortable within my hands and could exercise well for adults with small, medium or large hands.

Make sure it is in a Spear

Buck Hoodlum

Now here’s a awesome feature….

The Micarta handle basic principles are created to get rid of easily within the survival situation to make certain the Hoodlum may be lashed having a pole to make a very formidable spear.

To get rid of the handles, simply eliminate the 2 flat-mind screws… Underneath, there’s furthermore fat loss-reducing cutout that doubles as being a mighty fine spot to lash the spear having a pole.

Buck Hoodlum

If you eliminate the handle screws you may want to tighten them once in awhile. Apply some thread lock to every screw if you want individuals to remain tight.

The Hammer

Buck Hoodlum

Now across the butt finish within the knife tang there’s available a substantial lanyard hole which substantial pommel for breaking, smashing and hammering things.

The Sheath

Buck Hoodlum

The Buck Hoodlum includes in regards to the finest quality ballistic nylon material material material sheath that we‘ve seen.

The sheath includes a large, thick polymer place that enables for left or right hands carry.

Body within the knife within the sheath isn’t tight whatsoever. It genuinely wiggles around a great deal additionally to 2 restraint systems to make sure the knife stays within the sheath.

Buck Hoodlum

The very first is a nylon material material material handle strap getting easy closure. Second is big nylon material material material cord and obtaining stay system.

This double restraint product might be a annoying, but with the space brilliance this knife and sheath, they’re greater than appropriate.

Across the front within the sheath they’ve produced a considerable pouch for several survival gear plus a maintenance stone. Prone to rubberband outrageous pouch to assist things tight along with the pouch shuts through getting a flexible clip and strap system.

Buck HoodlumBuck Hoodlum

Some discuss how clever the Mircarta handle may be while some wish the sheath held the knife tight also it might be a smaller hassle to benefit from.

Our Rating

Buck Hoodlum

We rate the Buck Hoodlum at 4 of every single 5 stars for it’s simple, practical, rugged and  functional design… Its thoughtful weight-reducing innovations… including using 5160 steel during this huge 10-inch edge.

Buck Hoodlum

We like to the Hoodlum is created within the united states . states! And then we really loved the flexibility of Hoodlum as being a capable all-in-one survival edge that, within the pinch, perform as opposed to a hatchet for dicing or maybe a machete for clearing.

We enjoy the Hoodlum handles are created to eliminate to make certain the knife could be lashed having a pole to make a spear.

Along with the Hoodlum can baton and split wood while using best.

Buck Hoodlum

It’s perfect for small , large bushcraft tasks, and appropriate for pretty much any survival task that you expect a bladed tool to accomplish.

We wanted off  a star since the handle is not so grippy additionally to while using the dual sheath straps the knife still moves around somewhat within the sheath. Even though the sie in the knife may well be a real large positive, it is not a little-profile knife  prevents it from being something holds with you whatsoever occasions. The steel, although perfect for being lightweight, requires regular maintenance to avoid rusting.


Who may be the Buck Hoodlum Knife for?

The Buck Hoodlum is great for individuals who wish a really large, lightweight and super rugged knife that’s capable of undertaking the greatest selection of survival, camping, emergency and bushcraft tasks that is comfortable enough to hold all day long lengthy extended.

Buck Hoodlum

It’s an excellent knife for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits, Camping, Hiking, Bushcraft, Hunting, Extreme Adventures, Survival Training too for those who are searching for ONE reliable knife…. that they’re going to depend onto complete nearly do nearly anything, within the pinch.

With it’s online street cost around $150 U.S. and Buck’s Great Warranty… the Hoodlum could be a edge really worth saving your pennies to get.


Toward the underside front within the sheath you’ll have two velcro and two elastic straps you can use to secure more gear with this particular sheath.

You will find 6 grommet holes through which you’ll lash the sheath having a pack or any other gear.

Round the rear in the sheath really are a couple of rows of MOLLE straps… Which sheath IS MOLLE compatible.

And last, whilst not least, If perhaps to explain the switch and tuck, belt carry strap system that can make it simple to attach the sheath for the belt over a number of inches or 5 centimeters, without getting rid of it.

Buck Hoodlum

Owner Comments

Entrepreneurs love the flexibility in the knife and almost everybody values how light it’s because of its size. Most discuss its quality build, ability to have a benefit and exactly how it could handle small , large tasks and nearly everybody likes anything they have for your cost.

Buck Hoodlum

Buck Hoodlum

For the same great qualities within the Hoodlum, within the more compact sized package… begin to see the Buck Hood Punk.

For nearly any more compact sized, stout, proven and popular bushcraft and survival knife at roughly half the cost within the Hoodlum, begin to see the Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 or possibly the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife SCHF9 or SCHF10.

For the following HUGE, rugged, largely undiscovered and virtually indestructible stainless survival edge for under $50 U.S. begin to see the Cruz and Wesson Homeland Security Knife.

Too with regard to added a Tactical, Combat Survival Knife … Take a look within my reviews within the Gerber LMF II or SOG Seal Team Elite.


Buck Hoodlum

We’ve just examined the Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife and hope this review was useful to suit your needs! Take a look at our video review youtube to search for the Buck Hoodlum for doing things.